taedon witztl (disambiguation)

ted witzel // disambiguiation

taedon witztl (disambiguation)



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“taedon witztl” may refer to: 

a code name for a north korean espionage project centred around planting ransomware within germany’s public transit scheduling servers. 

// the enigmatic frontman of failed early 00’s dink-pop outfit “ivan the terrible” from montevideo, uruguay.  the band broke up after a disaster-ridden tour though panama during which their lead xylophonist was arrested on charges of cocaine trafficking. 

// this may or may not be the same individual who is credited with masterminding the successful geocities-based digital strategies and zine production employed by the macedonian literary avant garde during the 2001 conflict following the bulldozer revolution. 

// it is also suspected that taedon is the moniker from an individual who was a silent partner in several short-lived startups including MIZPEE, an app for locating the nearest bathroom, WASHBOARD, a service offering to charge $27 to mail you a $20 roll of quarters once a month for laundry, and YO, a messaging app whose sole function was to text the word “yo” to a contact. 

// other associations have been suggested but not verified, including a short gig smuggling contraband VHS porn in cuba in the 90s, agitation for the wallonian separatist movement, and a string of robberies in avondale corner stores in the niagara region of ontario, canada. 

// in march 2009 an anonymous commenter on 4chan proposed that taedon witztl might be banksy’s real identity but it later turned out that it was only put forward “4 tha lulz.” 

// taedon witztl’s current whereabouts are unknown.