ted witzel // intangible trappings

intangible trappings

intangible trappings

a butoh-infused theatrical investigation into peri-apocalyptic responsibility.

written and conceived by lauren gillis & alaine hutton. //  directed by ted witzel // movement dramaturgy by denise fujiwara.  premiered in september 2016 at the scotiabank studio theatrel in toronto.

a civilization balanced precariously inside a giant cyclone has collapsed and been flung across the planet. dorothy wakes up in a heap of rubble to find everyone dead (including aunt em), everything unrecognizable, and her hands missing. she manages to locate some living prosthetics belonging to a disembodied talking head with a big plan, and sets off across the wasteland with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

‘i never liked to eat the edge of the ham where it’s dark and rubbery.’ it’s all dark and rubbery. you are not so very stupid that you could not learn, but you haven’t, and you wouldn’t, and now, you can’t.

created by lauren gillis & alaine hutton.  directed by ted witzel.  movement dramaturgy by denise fujiwara. set & costume design by amanda wong.  set and costume associate design by michelle tracey.  sound design by wesley mackenzie.  lighting and video design by remington north.  stage and production management by alexa polenz.  assistant stage management by meghan maguire.  technical direction by suzie balogh.  assistant directed by julia matias.  performed by lauren gillis, nicky guadagni, & alaine hutton