ted witzel // taming of the shrew

taming of the shrew

taming of the shrew

adapted from the play by shakespeare //  directed by ted witzel // presented by canadian stage in high park 2013.

kate is notorious for her scolding tongue, while her younger sister bianca is her opposite—quiet, compliant, and agreeable.  frustrated by the swinish men who populate her world, kate vows she'll never wed.  bianca has suitors by the busload (and more arriving every day) – but is forbidden from marrying until her elder sister has first. the suitors' situation seems hopeless, until petruchio wanders into town; broke and lost, reeling from his father's recent death, and looking for a wife rich enough to help him settle his debts. 

my tongue will tell the anger of my heart,
or else my heart concealing it will break,
and rather then it shall, i will be free,
even to the uttermost as i please in words.

directed by ted witzel.  set by lindsay c. walker. costumes by astrid janson.  lighting by laird macdonald.  sound by lyon smith.  assistant directed by maite jacobson.  stage managed by laura baxter.  performed by sophie goulet, kevin macdonald, jenn dzialoszynski, philippa domville, marvin ishmael, hume baugh, thomas oladije, greg gale, mina james, tiana asperjan, ryan hollyman, & hugh thompson.


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