LULU v.7 // aspects of a femme fatale


part 2 of THE EMPIRE by susanna fournier // directed by ted witzel // part of buddies in bad times 40th anniversary season in january 2019.

at the edge of an unknown empire, jack, ash, and sarah have grown up in a war that’s been waging for 20 years. jack’s only weeks away from civilian life, his freedom from the army having been bought for him by a mysterious philosopher who taught him to read and write. all he has to do is wait, smash sarah’s heart, and keep in line. but when rations wear thin and the king seizes the opium trails, jack and ash must fight their way through the violence of withdrawal, scarcity, militarization, and each other.

the scavenger’s daughter is rated R for language, injectable substances, dark comedy, shitty boyfriends, “locker talk”, nightmares, famine, sexual content, guns, depictions of neo-liberal warfare in the service of imperial capitalism, and exploding toxic ideas of what it means to be a man, a nation, and a citizen.

the king doesn’t believe in orphans.

starring samantha brown, carlos gonzalez-vio, josh johnston, christopher stanton + conor wylie.

written by susanna fournier.  directed by ted witzel.  produced by alison wong.  production dramaturge sina gilani.  scenography by michelle tracey / triga.  sound design by ben mccarthy.  projection design by wesley mckenzie.  with collaboration from empire trilogy designers: alexandra lord, shannon lea doyle, kaitlin hickey, michael f. bergmann, christopher ross-ewart.