LULU v.2 // because bad things happen to bad girls

LULU v.2 // because bad things happen to bad girls

LULU v.2 // because bad things happen to bad girls

after the play by frank wedekind // adapted by ted witzel + the ensemble.  featuring texts by: salvatore antonio, margaret atwood, rose cullis, susanna fournier, sky gilbert, hesiod (sort of), evalyn parry, russell smith, aurora stewart de peña, + whoever that john guy was who wrote the book of revelation // at buddies in bad times february 2015.

act five: london. december. 1888. it’s raining. it’s christmas. it’s the end of the world.

a goddess with 7 faces meets a myth with no face in an attic in east london. she’s an ordinary girl and he’s an ordinary serial killer and he’s going to do the ordinary and butcher her, while another woman screams, unheard.

this second part in the LULU series deconstructs lulu’s death at the hands of jack the ripper. is it inevitable? a literary imperative and a mythic rebalancing of natural forces? or just a sadly-all-too- common statistical outcome? how do pleasure, shame, excess, and consequence intersect in the horrific final pages of wedekind’s text?

lulu must die. why? because he’s not called jack the ripper because he’s a sweet person with good DVDs. he’s called the ripper because he rips.

directed by ted witzel.  scenography by helen yung.  sound and video by wesley mckenzie.  assistant directed by daniela pagliarello.  dramaturgy by mel hague.  performed by mayko nguyen, nicole st. martin, + lyon smith.