LULU v.5 // and nothing could ever be the same

LULU v.5 // and nothing could ever be the same

LULU v.5 // and nothing could ever be the same

after the play by frank wedekind // written by susanna fournier + ted witzel // at buddies in bad times april 2017.

nelli, eve, mignon, daisy, master, monster, lover, slut.  call her whatever you like: the one thing that doesn’t change is that lulu changes everything.

over three years in residence at buddies in bad times and with presentations in toronto, london, and berlin, we’ve deconstructed and interrogated frank wedekind’s iconic femme fatale.  now we’re doubling back to his original story, transmuting wedekind’s gaze—its passion, problems, and pitfalls—into the 21st century as fodder for our mainstage presentation at buddies next year.

LULU v.5 is a fantasy—no, a funeral—comedy, carnival, farce. it’s a love story (or seven)—or a sequence of snapshots of the people we’re desperately afraid we might become when we find ourselves in love.

one more time—to make the earth shake.

directed by ted witzel.  scenography by helen yung.  sound and video by wes mckenzie.  lights by oz weaver.  stage managd by sandy plunkett.  production assistance by alanna dunlop.  dramaturgy by mel hague.  produced by kerry freek.  performed by michael ayres, john cleland, kyle gatehouse, mayko nguyen, sarah orenstein, sabryn rock, tim walker, + william webster.