LULU v.4 // but you are not a dead woman

LULU v.4 // but you are not a dead woman

LULU v.4 // but you are not a dead woman

after the play by frank wedekind // created by susanna fournier + ted witzel + helen yung with the ensemble // at buddies in bad times february 2016.

we all want to define lulu.  she offends us.  she doesn’t.  she’s real.  she’s not. why do we need to define?  what is the threat she poses?  what are the edges of language in sex?

—but lulu is dead, now what.  this is a play about a dead woman.  are you a dead woman?—

is there still space for politically-incorrect eros in a theatre of political correctness?  what does it mean to be post-lulu?  what died with her?

we’re staging a revolution in the rehearsal hall—the director’s putting on the wig and lulu’s directing him, facing off against the female performers who have played lulu before him.  games of representation.  questions of authorship.  we meet frank wedekind and the sex worker who inspired lulu as we strip the layers off and ask, whose story is this? who has the right to tell this story and why?

there’s blood on the floor, there’s blood on you. i’m dancing through death so you better dance too.

directed by susanna fournier.  scenography by helen yung.  sound and video by wes mckenzie.  stage managed by  alanna dunlop.  dramaturgy by mel hague.  performed by sedina fiati, susanna fournier, chala hunter, aurora stewart de peña, + ted witzel.